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1930’s Fashion Predictions for the Year 2000

A hilarious video from the 1930’s predicting what fashion will look like in the year 2000:


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Eugene Hütz is the sex.

After seeing them 4 times live, it has me pretty stoked that Gogol Bordello has a new album (Trans-Continental Hustle) because this gives a pretty good indication that my favorite Ukrainian might be stopping by my neighborhood once more. If you’re not familiar with these guys you better go buy, download, or steal this album from your friends.

And on a side note, can my future husband please look like this:


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Well Dressed

To me, the words “fashion” and “style” have very different meanings. Fashion is for the masses. Style is a very personal thing. There are countless people I look up to for their interpretation of fashion. Style can’t be replicated or imitated, and it’s a damn tricky thing to learn. But if there ever was a class titled “Style 101” in need of a professor, I’d want these characters to teach me everything they know:

1. Edith Bouvier Beale (“Little Edie”)

If you’ve never seen the Maysles’ documentary Grey Gardens, I strongly urge you to do so…like, right now. This self-proclaimed “staunch” gal, and cousin of Jackie Onassis, used what little resources she had to their full potential. No one could pull off a head scarf or a sweater used as a make-shift skirt with more panache. She inspired an endless list of designers, such as Galliano and Marc Jacobs, and showed up in Italian Vogue a number of times. Edie and her mother (“Big Edie”) made headlines when their East Hampton estate was declared condemned due to it’s dilapidated condition until Jackie O saved the day. This clip from the documentary takes a peek  into the dressing thought process of one of the most eccentric style influences in my roster.

2. Debbie Harry

I’m not gonna lie, there’s a part of me that simply wants to BE Debbie Harry. If anyone could do 80’s fashion the justice it deserved, she was it. Messy do-it-yourself bleach blonde hair, loads of make-up, and the ability to give literally any ensemble sex appeal were all part of her epic style equation.

3.Whoever the hell this man is:

There’s just something about extremely well dressed old people that melts my heart. However you’re dressing, these people did it first and they did it right. They understand the importance of quality clothing, and chances are they’re still sporting the same pieces they bought years ago. They came from an era when people really cared about their appearance, before sweatpants and uggs became a wretched trend. You didn’t leave the house without some proper grooming. In my dream alternate reality, we’d all be back in the 1950’s.

*To check out more dapper mature folk visit this awesome street style blog:

Advanced Style

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