Morbid Fascination

Things of the slightly morbid nature have always captured my interest, so it’s only natural that i become slightly obsessed when it creeps its way into the fashion realm.

The popularity of mourning clothing and jewelry originated with Queen Victoria when her dear old husband kicked the bucket in 1901 and the Queen  wore nothing but full mourning apparel to commemorate his death for the remaining 40 years of her life. Also demanding the rest of her court do the same for quite some time. Following in her example, strict rules were set for the etiquette of dressing when a loved one passed.

The most curious tradition in my opinion was the intricate mourning jewelry. Many pendants were carve from gorgeous jet glass and vulcanite.   It was common place to have the hair of the deceased incorporated into wildly elaborate pieces of art or woven into glass panels of rings or lockets. Some were even braided into beautiful bracelets, necklaces, or pocket watch chains. I can’t decide if this act of remembrance is endearing…….or just plain creepy.


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